Aerospace Build To Print Services

Specialized Build to Print Capabilities for the Aircraft Industry and Beyond.

PHT is an AS9100 company that specializes in the production of parts, sub-systems and reverse-engineered spares, for the international commercial and military aerospace industry and beyond.

With our unique aviation expertise and experience, we have our build-to-print expertise demonstrated in thousands of parts and systems that are flying on aircraft all over the world. We?ve also used our broad competency in reverse engineering to create form-fit-function replacement systems that pass the strict requirements of the US military in both air and ground vehicles and systems.

Specific PHT Build-To-Print Experience

PHT Build To Print Capabilities for Aviation Industry and MilitaryOur engineering team has a widespread build to print competency, which extends to qualification, documentation, and manufacturing. Unique to PHT is our ability to do small lot manufacturing and to develop form-fit-function replacements for obsolete or single source parts and systems.

Some of the work we?ve done includes the following:

  • Actuators and Motors. Both retrofit and new
  • Aircraft lighting ? Wingtip lighting, tail lighting and more
  • Circuit Card assemblies and all types of electronic components
  • Radar Signal processing equipment
  • Special purpose cable, and wire assemblies
  • Rotors and stators
  • Power supplies, temperature sensors, power supply chargers/analyzers
  • Detailed reverse engineering
  • Experts in Mil-Spec qualification and documentation.

PHT Design and Engineering Capabilities

Our multi-disciplined engineering team designs many kinds of electro-mechanical subsystems including those involving system integrations and strict reliability requirements. Concept & prototype design, detail design, and production drawings are produced using CAD systems. Specialized 3D modeling tools assist in the creation of engineering models for existing systems as well as design verification.

In addition to these capabilities, we also produce all technical and maintenance publications to support our modification designs. For military aircraft, PHT?s engineering team will produce the complete technical data package (TDP), which includes design drawings, test parameters, work instructions, environmental testing, and production testing reports.

PHT Build to Print Manufacturing Capabilities

PHT is a certified AS9100 company, meeting government requirements under the Small Business Subcontracting Program. We have a demonstrated competency in the manufacturing of all kinds of electro-mechanical systems, and our manufacturing is done in the USA.

Unique to PHT is our ability to handle both large and small production runs.

To take advantage of our unique build to print capabilities and expertise, contact PHT engineering for a review of your system today.