Aircraft Wingtip Lighting

Specialists in Aircraft Lighting Design (Navigation Lighting)

PHT Aerospace has developed navigation lighting solutions for both commercial and military aircraft.

These systems are all custom designed by our engineering team for the specific aircraft?s requirements whether for the retrofit of an obsolete system, or a brand new aircraft design. PHT currently has systems qualified and deployed for the strict operational requirements of the B1 bomber, the F16 and the F15 and has deep expertise in the governmental test requirements that allow successful part qualification.

PHT also manufactures the systems it designs in both small quantities and large. We are able and willing to undertake small runs where larger manufacturers often require large minimum order quantities. This makes us an excellent partner for development of both new and existing aircraft lighting retrofit projects.

B-1B on a night takeoff, PHT?s wingtip lights are visible.

Wingtip, Tail and general Aviation Lighting Considerations

Stock navigation lighting solutions almost always require modification for electrical, mechanical or reliability considerations when faced with a specific aircraft deployment. Instead of stock product solutions, PHT aerospace brings a wide-ranging engineering expertise to the problem of wingtip lighting and other aircraft navigational lights that insures the most cost effective solution to your engineering requirements.

Characteristics of our navigation lighting solutions for the B1B, F16 Thunderbird, and F15 Eagle share some common attributes that make us the preferred vendor for these systems:

  • Low profile, highly aerodynamic designs
  • High Intensity durable LED Technology
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Covert mode and dual mode lighting expertise
  • Form-Fit-Function replacement for obsolete system, also cost reduced.
  • Meets Mil-STD-810/461/464/704
  • MTBF of over 20,000 hours achieved
  • Direct Lightning Strike
  • Can reverse engineer existing lighting systems for sourceability and cost reduction.
  • Custom exterior and interior aircraft lighting solutions.

PHT Aircraft Navigation Light Design for Commercial and Military Aircraft.

PHT can build-to-print or completely reverse engineer aircraft navigation lighting systems of any type for both commercial and military aircraft. Our deep expertise in the design and qualification of? aircraft lighting generally allow us to custom design systems of every type.

For military aircraft, PHT?s engineering team will produce the complete technical data package (TDP), which includes design drawings, test parameters, work instructions, environmental testing, and production testing reports.

PHT?s aircraft lighting competency extents to many types of lighting systems:

  • Wing Tip Lighting
  • Tail Lighting
  • Covert Lighting solutions (Military NVIS)
  • Taxi Lighting
  • Anti-collision lighting systems
  • Air Refuel Lighting
  • Cargo Lights
  • Cockpit Lights

For commercial aircraft PHT can provide its expertise in the design and manufacturing of additional types of commercial aircraft lighting systems including:

  • Ground recognition lights
  • Forward Flood Lights
  • Logo lights
  • Wheel well lighting
  • Service and cargo lights.

Custom Aircraft Navigation Lighting by PHT

PHT is a certified AS9100 company, meeting government requirements under the Small Business Subcontracting Program.

We have a demonstrated competency in the design and manufacturing of all kinds of aircraft lighting. All our work is done in the USA.

Please contact us today to discus your general aviation lighting needs.