Avionics Manufacturing in the USA

PHT Aerospace? provides qualified manufacturing of complete electro-mechanical systems for production runs both large and small. Our clients include the DOD and many primes such as Raytheon, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, and others. These companies recognize that PHT can solve complex subsystem obsolescence and reverse engineering challenges across the spectrum of military equipment and harsh duty applications.

PHT Aerospace is a certified small business under DOD rules and a preferred DOD supplier for obsoleted or single source electromechanical subsystems. When parts on an aircraft, military vehicle, radar system, or other aging equipment become unprocurable, PHT engineering provides obsolescence engineering services that create retrofit systems that are FFF replacements.

Our re-engineered solutions extend your ability to procure these parts and subsystems well into the future. And unlike others we can handle both large and?small production runs. Prime military contractors use PHT to offload their internal teams of project offshoot’s that are either too small in production quantities, or are outside their core expertise.? In these situations, primes have used PHT as their redesign and production arm for these critical systems.

PHT Aerospace is fully AS9100D certified.

Avionics Manufacturing Experience, Quality and Reliability.

The goal of PHT Engineering and manufacturing is to create buildable, testable electronic and/or mechanical assemblies, that represent reliable, durable solutions to your retrofit or obsolescence challenges.

Our production management team has decades of management experience, having shepherded dozens of DOD engineering and manufacturing contracts through our manufacturing division. Through a combination of partners, and in-house manufacturing capabilities, PHT produces fully qualified assemblies meeting the stringent requirements of the DOD and others for zero defect parts and systems delivered on-time.

All manufacturing is performed in the USA.

For more information on our special engineering and? manufacturing capabilities and expertise, please contact PHT’s sales team today.