Military Aviation

Military Aircraft Parts & Subsystems

Perhaps the strongest competency for PHT is our general capability in the design and manufacturing of subsystem components for military aircraft. In particular our ability to reverse engineer existing electro-mechanical components, or build systems from high level requirements documents, and then qualify them to all MIL-Specs and quality standards is unparalleled.

But PHT goes beyond our form-fit-function engineering excellence to provide project oversight that truly comprehends all aspects of dealing with both US and foreign military programs. We’ve been ITAR compliant for over 30 years and know how to navigate international licensing. We are fully registered with the US Department of State and can help you move your parts and spares internationally without risking fines and delays.

Just some of the systems we’ve engineered include:

B1 Bomber -?PHT created the wingtip lighting system that allowed the B1 to keep flying when the OEM was unable to deliver.? Power supplies, circuit cards and lighting all re-engineered, re-qualified, and manufactured by PHT in the USA

Harrier Jet – The critical ejection seat cable for the Harrier was redeveloped by PHT in conjunction with the US Navy when the OEM discontinued production.

The B52 Bomber, C130, and F15 -?PHT has provided reverse engineering of ac and dc motors used to control? door actuators. PHT redeveloped the original motors without any OEM drawings, and qualified the motor for multiple Air Force aircraft. PHT assumed all manufacturing for the motor as well providing a fully USA based supply and support chain to the government.

F16 Fighter?- The strobe light on the F16 was overpriced and single source until PHT stepped in and provided a form fit function replacement by reverse engineering the 28V, 400Hz Power supply, circuit cards, and form factor. PHT’s design replaced the OEM’s by solving issues with circuit card failure in the field, that the original manufacturer was unable to diagnose and fix.

Military Aircraft Parts by PHT

Whether your needs for aircraft parts are foreign or domestic, and your production needs are large or small, PHT is a partner you can trust. We also meet government requirements as a Certified Small Business.

But there is nothing small about our abilities. Call PHT today to discuss your military aviation project.