Obsolescence Engineering

Obsolescence Engineering Specialists for Specialized Legacy Systems

Many fixed and rotary wing aircraft, naval vessels, and critical ground systems were developed decades ago, but remain viable and functional with ongoing maintenance and regular servicing activities. When however, critical components or subsystems are no longer supported by their original equipment manufacturer, or have developed undesirable costs to manufacture, PHT Aerospace can derive form-fit-function replacements that extend product lifetimes, and lower costs.

PHT Aerospace is a certified small business under DOD rules and a preferred DOD supplier for obsoleted or single source electromechanical subsystems. When parts on an aircraft, military vehicle, radar system, or other aging equipment become unprocurable, PHT engineering provides obsolescence engineering services?that are form-fit-function replacements. Our re-engineered solutions extend your ability to procure these parts and subsystems well into the future. And unlike others we can handle both large and small production runs. In fact OEM?s no less than Raytheon and Boeing have used us as their redesign and production arm for these critical systems.

Leveraging proven mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, we can work without any original blueprints or circuit diagrams if necessary. Working from physical samples and using our proven reverse engineering expertise, we recreate the mechanical design and electrical operation using a variety of techniques including 3D scanning technology, metallurgical analysis, load and structural analysis and more.

Using these methods, obsolete hydraulic and electrical controls can be developed to match the original system requirements. All inputs and outputs are carefully mapped and control behavior documented, such that our ?new? components behave identically to the original electronics.

PHT Aerospace Obsolescence Engineering Examples

When OEM data, and technical specifications are no longer available for your system, PHT has been trusted to provide the complete reverse engineered Technical Data Package (TDP) and all field trial and engineering quality reports. ?PHT will subject these form-fit-function replacement systems to all required testing conditions including altitude, temperature, vibration sensitivity and humidity conditions to insure that the replacement unit under test will operate compliant to all applicable mil-spec?s and other requirements.

Parts that we?ve successfully performed obsolescence engineering for include:

Motors & Armatures-? On aircraft no less than the B52 and C130, and F15, PHT has provided reverse engineering of ac and dc motors used to control a door actuator. When price and delivery of these motors from the OEM became an issue, PHT redeveloped the original motor without any OEM drawings, and qualified the motor for multiple Air Force aircraft. PHT assumed all manufacturing for the motor as well providing a fully USA based supply and support chain to the government.

Radar Systems ? When the Radar System on the F16 became hard to procure because the OEM refused to bid on such low production quantities, PHT assumed the reengineering of the signal processing components, providing a cost reduced, timely solution to the air force.

PHT Avionics Power SuppliesSpecialized Power Supplies ? A particular area of expertise for PHT is our ability to reverse engineer, redesign, and manufacture custom power supplies. PHT provides many custom power supplies to airframe subsystem manufacturers as well as others for naval vehicles, ground vehicles and support equipment.

Aircraft Navigation Lights ? PHT provides custom navigation lighting for both military and commercial aircraft. Experience includes the development and qualification of the wing tip lighting on the B1 Bomber, and the F15 on the F16. For more information, visit our page on Avionics Navigation Lighting.


PHT also can manufacture the systems it engineers, in both small quantities and large. We are able and willing to undertake small runs where larger manufacturers may no-bid or require large minimum order quantities. This makes us an excellent partner for development of both new and obsoleted systems with limited production demand.

Product Obsolescence Engineering by PHT

PHT is a certified AS9100 company, meeting government requirements under the Small Business Subcontracting Program.

Our experience with Obsolescence Engineering capabilities provide high levels of support for obsolete, legacy, discontinued, and?hard to find electronic components, and for components with misplaced or destroyed documentation. Our engineers are experts in extending component life cycles, while reducing procurement costs of obsolete or single source parts. We have a demonstrated competency in the design and manufacturing of all kinds of electromechanical systems.


All our work is done in the USA.?Please Contact PHT Aerospace today to help you solve your product obsolescence challenges.